Our conversation touches on the delicate balance between passion and profit. Sophia lets us in on her strategies to find the sweet spot between what you love doing and what you can offer as a service. We dive deep into how understanding your own skills and their worth can set you on the path to entrepreneurship. 

If you’re looking for a business that offers freedom, fulfillment, and a vibrant community, web design might just be for you. Get ready to be inspired by Paige’s journey and gain invaluable insights from her experiences. Let’s get started!

Listen in as Alicia reveals her strategy of attracting high-paying clients and refining her brand. She discusses the importance of knowing your target audience, finding the right platforms to market your brand, and creating SEO-rich content for your website. Furthermore, Alicia shares how she created a monthly subscription-based website management service, S co. Design Club, that has revolutionized her approach to client support and business scaling.

Kat took us behind the scenes of how she got started as well as shared some vulnerable moments around her experience overcoming imposter syndrome and how you can too! Come join me as we dive into easy and practical steps you can take to become a website designer using the Showit design tool!