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Design your life for joy, adventure, and purpose with Bucketlist Bombshells

We’re here to help you gain the skills you need to create a fulfilling career online that gives you freedom & financial stability. 

We’ve been right where you are: stuck in jobs we didn’t love with our lives 
shaping up to be totally different than what we really wanted. 

Simply put: we wanted to travel the world — but we wanted to discover new places on more than a backpackers budget. 

...and we started a business from our laptops in the corner of a coffee shop in Mexico.

Hi, We're Cassie + Shay

(casual, we know)

Several years and many lessons learned the hard way later, we’re business strategists and expert educators for the next generation of female entrepreneurs. 

No matter what your motivation or crazy dream may be — we can help you create a career that fills your life with joy & purpose, because we don’t think crazy dreams are that crazy after all.

We created Bucketlist Bombshells for you.

If you’ve ever felt like the minutes at work seem to tick by so sloooow, while you stare at the computer screen, stuck in the same uninspiring cubicle... daydreaming about what life could be like if you were your own boss...  

If you’ve ever driven home with tears welling up in your eyes from pent-up frustration over a day job that makes you miserable with no way out in sight...

Or if you’ve ever just wondered what could be possible if you took your own path toward something less corporate and conventional, and more fulfilling & exciting to you... 

You are welcome here.

Diversity and inclusion are more than just words or nice sentiments to us. It’s about action: how we build our team, cultivate our community and create a company that welcomes, represents and empowers all women. We’re committed to making this community a true representation of what it is: a group of powerful and resilient women of ALL colors.

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We’re just two women who made our wildest dreams come true...
helping 100K+ women do the same.

get to know us

Cassie Torrecillas

My brain never really stops designing — whether it’s talking branding & marketing strategy, or binge-watching HGTV, I absolutely love functional, beautiful design. After founding my own graphic design studio straight out of college, I thought I’d created my dream job. Then came the cherry on top: getting to build a community of multi-passionate women and equipping them with the tools to run their own businesses too! Yes, please. And, if I’m not working with an extra-hot cappuccino in one hand and my DJ-style headphones blasting music to get me in the working mood, you can find me planning my next travel adventure, searching for the next foodie hotspot — or taking one of my favorite cycling and kickboxing classes.

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Shay Brown

With a degree in entrepreneurship, and knack for business operations, sales strategy and mentorship, it’s no surprise that my passion for women starting their own companies is what gets me out of bed every morning ready to work — but it’s walking around and seeing unique architecture, and finding quaint coffee shops in corners of the most delightful cities that fill me up and fuel me to keep going. When I’m not running the behind-the-scenes of the company (and tucking pens in my topknot for safe-keeping) you can find me performing in improv comedy shows and obsessing over other people’s dogs.

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer

But, let’s look at the facts: 

We get it: if you don’t know anyone who’s started their own online business from scratch, it can seem...overwhelming. 

You’re probably concerned that starting your own business means struggling financially, or having to work all the time, not to mention, sacrificing the other things that are really important to you. 

Let's address those fears you have...

Women are starting about 1,821 new businesses per day in the U.S

The top 20 most influential millennial entrepreneurs created an online business

Almost 30% of remote work companies are founded by women or have a female CEO

If all these women are doing it – don’t you think you can, too?

We’re here to help make that dream a reality. 

We’ve helped women just like you who...

• Have no idea what type of online business you could start

• Feel like you’re not experienced enough or qualified to run your own online business

• Feel totally alone and potentially crazy that you want more out of life than your current (and uninspiring) 9-5 grind #beenthere

Oh — that’s our SPECIALTY. Our tried-and-true, tested-and-proven courses provide step-by-step instructions to help you start your own online, service-based business, and take the next step in your career — as your own boss!

We’ve taught thousands of women JUST LIKE YOU the highly-sought after skills they needed to run an online business — even when they had no prior experience to get started.

We can help you create an online career full of freedom and purpose, that allows you to prioritize things like travel or more time at home with your family — so that your work aligns with your values and supports your goals for your life. 

How do we know? Because we did it, too. 

So...where to next?

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