Porto, Portugal

Why We Love It

Porto is a seriously dreamy European city! It’s the even-more-relaxed sister city to Lisbon and set along the stunning Douro River with orange rooftops, and charming colorful buildings. The vibe is relaxed, casual and friendly. If you’re looking for a spot to settle with deliciously fresh local food, great (and inexpensive!) wine and a relaxed and friendly vibe you’re in just the right spot.

Today, we’re diving into all our Porto favorites after a few weeks living in this charming city! Everything from our favorite eats, coffee shops to must-do bucket list activities!

Plus, Porto is home to what we’re claiming as the most beautiful coworking space in the world: Selina Navis! With strong wifi, and even stronger port wine…you’re in for a serious treat ;)

Our Favorites


Cantina 32

A lively and trendy spot for a creative twist on local dishes


Selina Navis Coworking

Takes the cake for the most beautiful coworking space in the world!


Fabrica Coffee Shop

Our favorite cup of coffee in Portugal: Creamy, chocolatey blend.


Graham’s Port Lodge

A must-visit to taste and learn about Port Wine


What’s the best way to get around Porto?

Be sure to pack comfortable tennis shoes because you will be walking the steep, windy hills of Porto a lot! Aside from walking, it’s inexpensive and super easy to Uber around the city as well. If you’re looking for a more scenic route, check out the GoCars Porto or grab a little tuk-tuk!

What’s the best area of the city to stay in?

We loved staying a little north of the city center in a local, hipster neighborhood, just near the restaurant Nicolau. In this area, you’re still walking distance to most everything while having a bit more of a local vibe. We recommend that you avoid staying in the Gaia neighborhood (opposite side of the river) which was quite touristy and only great for touring the Port houses in our opinion.

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