Taking a trip to Porto soon and aren’t quite sure where to start? Check out our top seven, must-see Porto attractions you need to check off your bucketlist…

7 Porto Attractions You Need to Check Off Your Bucketlist


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Porto is a beautiful, enchanting city! Honestly, there were many times we questioned whether this place was actually real! 😉 From sight-seeing to indulging in the fine wine and cuisine, there are SO many breathtaking Porto attractions and fun activities. Truly, you can’t go wrong in this city, and you should be prepared to fall madly in love…we sure did!

After a few weeks of living in Porto, these were our absolute favorites that you definitely can’t miss!

1. Indulge in Port Tasting at Graham’s Port Lodge

This is by far one of our favorite Porto attractions! Porto is famous for its Port Wine, so it’s definitely a must to visit one of the many Port houses in the city.

Graham’s Port Lodge was recommended to us as the best by a local…and it did not disappoint!

Set tucked away in the Gaia area of Porto with views of the Douro River is this enchanting port lodge complete with a restaurant, a beautiful terrace, and a cellar. The view is seriously, just jaw-dropping! See for yourself!

We definitely recommend booking a tour! It was incredibly insightful and our local tour guide was very engaging. 

After touring the cellars and learning all about the different types of ports, from Ruby to Tawny and Vintage Ports, you’ll get the chance to do a tasting! What could be better?!

We chose the mid-range tasting, ordered a cheese board, and sipped our way through the port tasting in the “Vintage Room,” complete with leather chairs, gorgeous bookshelves, and antique wood tables. All of our senses were SO in love!

2. Take a GoCar Tour around Porto

We stumbled across GoCars Porto when we were wandering the streets near the Douro River. They’re basically bright yellow motorized go-karts with built-in navigation and tour routes around the city. How cool, right?!

We had a BLAST touring the city-center sights in this mini go-kart. Plus, the built-in tour guide explained the history of the sights which was super fun and convenient! 

We rented it for an hour and had plenty of time to take the longer route, which takes you on the gorgeous coastal road. They have several tour options, ranging in duration and locations. You really can’t go wrong!

3. Walk the Douro River

The Douro River is one of THE must-see Porto attractions, and you can’t miss it! No matter the time of day, the orange rooftops and colored hills of buildings that line the river is so enchanting.

Plus, you can easily walk across the bridge on the footpath to get to the Gaia neighborhood of Porto. 

We definitely recommend walking a bit up the hill to get the most PERFECT view of Porto and the Douro River! Be cautious, it will for sure take your breath away! 😉

Planning to visit Porto? Click here to get access to our Portugal Google Map for all our must-visits on your trip!

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4. Watch the Sunset at a Rooftop Lounge

Speaking of the Douro River, it’s even more mesmerizing at sunset! Grab a spot at 360° Terrace Lounge, a trendy rooftop bar with perfect views over the river.

We don’t recommend eating here, so just grab a glass of wine and watch the sunset dance over the river!

Side note — Prepare for it to be busy. You might not get a seat, but there’s plenty of standing room. It’s definitely worth it, girl!

5. Visit the Majestic Cafe

Photo by Majestic Cafe

The Majestic Cafe is a must-see, especially if you’re a Harry Potter Fan, since it’s where J.K. Rowling was inspired for her books! We’re not going to lie…we were totally geeking out! ;p

The cafe definitely lives up to its title as one of the most beautiful cafes in the world. Its history, uniformed staff, ornate ceilings, wood panels, and ageing mirrors are to die for!!

Be warned, it is very touristy. We recommend just grabbing a coffee and admiring the building!

Planning to visit Porto? Click here to get access to our Portugal Google Map for all our must-visits on your trip!

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6. Marvel at the History at Sao Bento Train Station

Photo by European Best Destinations

The Sao Bento Train Station is no ordinary train station. It’s actually one of the top must-see Porto attractions…even if you’re not actually catching the train! 

It also takes the title for the most beautiful train station in the world. I mean, Porto, can you get any more cool?!

The station first opened in 1916. As soon as you enter, you’ll be wrapped in walls covered with 20,000 traditional blue and white “Azulejo” ceramic tiles. They cover the station floor to ceiling, describing the history of Portugal!

Guess how long it took to complete?! 11 years! Now, that’s some dedication! 

7. Eat Your Way through Porto

If you haven’t caught the drift here yet…in a nutshell, Porto is marveling at history, drinking Port Wine, admiring the river views, and, of course, eating good food! It has everything you could ever want and more!!

This is definitely a city you want to prioritize eating your way through. There is SO much delicious fresh fish and local eats to try. You don’t want to miss out on our ultimate Porto food guide for the best Portugal eats!

Planning to visit Porto? Click here to get access to our Portugal Google Map for all our must-visits on your trip!

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No matter the length of your stay or how you choose to spend your time, Porto’s attractions are destined to win your heart over!

Be prepared for the most breathtaking sights you’ve ever seen, the most delicious wine you’ve ever tasted, and for the most fun you’ve ever had. Girl, you truly don’t want to miss out on all this enchanting city has to offer!

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