How does one go from being a passionate language learner to becoming the founder of a nonprofit language education business? Welcome to another episode of the Freedom Filled Life podcast, where we are joined by Jazz Cole, the entrepreneur behind Multilingual and Philanthropic Inc.

027: Starting a Service-Based Non-Profit Business with Jazz Cole


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How does one go from being a passionate language learner to becoming the founder of a nonprofit language education business? Welcome to another episode of the Freedom Filled Life podcast, where we are joined by Jazz Cole, the entrepreneur behind Multilingual and Philanthropic Inc.

Jazz is not only can speak over 10 languages, she’s also a globe trotter who uses language as a medium to connect with diverse cultures and societies. This episode uncovers the layers of her journey, from her love for languages, to her business venture, and her experiences studying abroad.

Tune in to learn more about running a non-profit business from the setup to getting funding and creating a mission you believe in that helps and supports others around the world!

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Episode Highlights

(0:00:00) – Building a Nonprofit Language Education Business
This chapter of the Freedom Filled Life podcast features a conversation with Jazz Cole, founder of Multilingual and Philanthropic Inc. We explore Jazz’s passion for teaching people how to learn, read, and write a new language. Jazz shares her experience of speaking over 10 languages and how she uses them while traveling the world. She also discusses her nonprofit business and the services it offers, including private language teaching and free resources on their website. Jazz reveals her plans to transition into offering online courses. The idea for her business came from her experience studying abroad in Paris and realizing the importance of effective communication in different languages. Overall, the mission of her nonprofit is to make connections with people from different cultures and backgrounds through language.

(0:11:25) – Language Education Funding and Challenges
This chapter explores the world of language learning and the challenges of running an online business. Our guest, who speaks 10+ languages, shares her mission to provide affordable and free language education resources. We discuss the importance of being bilingual and the barriers that language can create in connecting with others and fully experiencing a culture. The biggest challenge she faces in her business is getting buy-in from potential clients, especially those who have always wished to learn a language but never took action. We also touch on the role of grants in funding non-profit organizations and the need for creativity in growing revenue. Overall, this chapter provides insights into the world of language learning and the challenges of entrepreneurship.

(0:17:15) – Starting a Nonprofit
This chapter explores the process of starting a nonprofit business and the initial steps to take. We discuss the importance of obtaining legalities such as an employer identification number and tax-exempt status. Our guest speaker shares their experience of navigating the lengthy process of obtaining tax-exempt status during the pandemic. We also delve into the benefits of having this status, including discounted rates and free services from certain organizations. The conversation then shifts to finding grants for nonprofits, with our guest speaker recommending resources such as and the US Department of Education’s Eiffel program. When asked about the key factor contributing to their business growth and success, our guest speaker credits their parents for their wealth of knowledge and experience in the nonprofit sector. They emphasize the importance of finding a mentor or resource with experience in the field. Overall, this chapter highlights the significance of establishing a solid foundation and seeking guidance from experts to successfully start and grow a nonprofit business.

(0:30:20) – Study Abroad Prep and Language Requirements
This chapter explores nonprofit business structures and the process of becoming proficient in a new language for studying abroad. Jazz shares insights on the language exams required in countries like France and Germany, emphasizing the importance of a 12-month plan to prepare for these exams. The conversation highlights the benefits of learning a new language and how it can open up opportunities for studying abroad. Tune in to learn more about nonprofit business structures and language proficiency for international studies.

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