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Let's launch your online service-based business...


You're scared to step out of your comfort zone and even though you're a positive person, you can't help but think, "But, what if it doesn't work out?"

You're worried you might fail.

You're stuck in the "I've got a great business idea!" phase, but haven't taken it much further. You're not sure the steps you need to take to bring it to life.

you're not sure the *right* steps to launch.

You've been spinning your wheels in perfectionism and overthinking. You keep putting your own business ideas on the backburner!

you keep putting it off until "next year".

You would have started your own ONLINE BUSINESS by now, it's just that...

You're ready to build something of your own...a business that can give you financial freedom, hit your salary goals and open doors to the dream life you desire!

build your own legacy.

You crave more time, balance and freedom - all things in your control if you had your own business! You want to build your business around your life, and the things that matter *most*.

*FINALLY* have work/life balance.

You know that you have skills and expertise that clients would hire you for, and you want to choose the types of dream clients you work with!

do work you're passionate about.

You're tired of the 9-5 grind. You know you're smart and self-motivated - and if we're being honest, you have a pretty strong feeling you'd made a great business woman.

be your own boss (& create your own schedule).

But, you wish you could..

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WITH business coaches, CASSIE + SHAY

limited to 10 WOMEN!

starting in June 2024

An 8-week LIVE small group program for 10 women ready to launch an online business in 2024.

Enter: Bucketlist Bombshells Launch Camp™!

You won’t be one of thousands left to learn and launch a business on your own. You’ll be joining a small tight-knit group of 30 go-getting women receiving direct business coaching to us as you start your online business using our proven framework LIVE each week!

Nope! It's *NOT* another online course.

but wait, I know what you're thinking...

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By completing this intensive program, you'll have successfully launched your own online service-based just 8 weeks!! We'll celebrate together at our Launch Camp Virtual Launch Party!


With over 10 years of business success, we've developed a proven framework vetted by 10k+ students. You can be confident our business launch framework *actually* works.

proven business framework

Since this is a small group program, you won't be left to launch your business on your own. We'll have check-ins, action steps and more to keep you accountable to your goals!

Weekly accountability

Each week, we'll personally coach you through virtual group sessions through our proven business framework. You'll be able to ask questions and strategize your business with us!

 LIVE SESSIONS With cassie & Shay

For 8 WEEKS, you'll get:

Social Media Management

Branding + Website Design

Graphic Design

Content Marketing

Virtual Assistants

Business Operations Assistants

Copywriting + Copyediting

Accounting + Bookkeeping

Social Media Management
Branding + Website Design
Graphic Design
Content Marketing
Virtual Assistants
Business Operations Assistants
Copywriting + Copyediting
Accounting + Bookkeeping

Great question! We specialize in helping women launch online businesses in:

What types of online businesses do you help start?

Finally, you'll learn our proven sales and marketing launch plan to start landing paid clients and to hit your first $5k/month in your business! 

Your First $5k/Month Launch Plan

week 8

You'll learn how to run your business efficiently. This session will include workflows like client/project management, proposals and invoicing!

Setting Up Your Business Operations

week 7

You'll learn how to choose your business name, design your logo and more! We'll also cover how to create your business website, and the "must-haves" for your successful site.

Creating Your Brand & Website

week 6

Your finances are the foundation of your profitable online business! You'll learn the most important finance metrics and how to easily track them.

Setting Up Your Business Finances 101

week 5

You'll learn how and where to find and connect with your dream clients. This session will also include access to our proven pitch template and strategies for making the sale!

Finding & Landing Clients Online

week 4

You'll learn how to create valuable packages based on your services, and our favorite way to decide how much to charge your clients.

Packaging & Pricing Your Services

week 3

We'll help you identify and select the right services to offer in your business. You'll also learn when/if you need to "niche" to see success.

Choosing Your Services & Niche

week 2

Our first session will help you break through limiting beliefs. We'll prepare your mindset to step out of your comfort zone to achieve your business goals.

Developing Your Confidence Mindset

week 1

What will I learn inside Bucketlist Bombshells Launch Camp™?


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Plus, we'll celebrate your new business at our Launch Camp
Virtual Launch Party!


$6+ million in revenue

Served 10k+ clients

10 years in business

BTW, WE've accomplished some pretty cool STUFF:

Hiya! We’re Shay Brown & Cassie Torrecillas: co-founders of Bucketlist Bombshells, a multi 7-figure business educating and empowering aspiring female business owners like you.

Since 2015, we've mentored and coached over 10,000 women to start the online business of their dreams for more joy, purpose, time and freedom!

We know what it *really* takes to start a successful service-based online business and we're excited to teach you our proven business launch framework in this small group program!

Oh, and by joining this program, you'll get TWO dedicated business coaches (both our brains!) strategizing YOUR new business. How cool is that?!

Meet Your Business Coaches, Cassie & Shay


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We're hand-selecting each women for this program to make sure it's the right fit! Spots are first come, first serve - we highly recommend applying ASAP.

...Only 30 Spots Available!

3-4 hours per week

Time commitment:

Mondays at 5 PM Eastern

LIVE Strategy sessions:

Weekly video lesson released on Mondays plus a LIVE strategy session

program STRUCTURE:

Program starts June 2024, full schedule TBD

program dates:

Bucketlist Bombshells Launch Camp™ Program Details...

*Replays will be available if you can't attend live. You can also submit your questions ahead if needed. If this time doesn't work for you, still apply and we'll do our best to accomodate you!

You WANT TO BE A PART OF A high-accountability small GROUP OF women launching a business in 2024!

you're ready to take action steps each week towards your business goals.


You're perfect for this program if...

You have skills (or expertise!) that you know clients would hire you for.

You're a go-getting woman with a positive attitude.

you're ready to invest in coaching from highly-experienced business coaches.

If you want to start a successful business but you *don't* want to put it in the work necessary to launch it, this program is not for you. Launching a business takes work, dedication and effort to see success.

You're not willing to put in the work.

If you're not ready to invest in a small group program with highly experienced business coaches that will accelerate your business success, this program isn't the best fit for you. 

You're not ready to invest in a high-touch PROGRAM.

This program is for women who want to start a service-based online business. This is *not* the right program for you if you want to create/launch a physical product, start an MLM network or open a physical storefront.

You want to launch a physical product, mlm or brick-&-mortar store.

This isn't a good fit for you if...

This program is an "intensive" program that will require you to take action to launch your business. We'll help you strategize, give you the tools, resources and framework necessary but we won't launch your business for you! To see results in this program, you need to be a highly-motivated action-taker.

you're not an action-taker.


Cassie & Shay are incredible business mentors. They are amazing at holding space for the group and each individual member. You will not regret this investment!


The guidance that Shay provided was very easy to follow because she shared proven strategies!


I would 100% recommend Shay as a business coach to other entrepreneurs! She drops so many gems and her actionable strategies are priceless!


I am extremely grateful for Cassie & Shay and all that they were able to provide for me to succeed in building my career

If "launch my own online business" is at the top of your 2024 goals list, it's time for you to take action! 

We truly believe that the dream life and business that you desire is a direct result of the action steps that you begin taking TODAY.

If you see yourself as a full-time business owner next year, with the freedom to create your own schedule, choose your own clients and with the time to design your work around the things that matter *most* to you...

We'd love to coach you inside of Bucketlist Bombshells Launch Camp™ starting this January. 

We'll make sure that you stop putting your dream business off until "next year". So, will, 2024 be your year?

What do you want to achieve in 2024?

By applying, you're not committed to enroll in the program. It will help us decide together whether this program is right for you! 

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