Check out our favorite tools, apps, programs and resources that we love and recommend for running your own online business and traveling!




Moo is our go-to online printing & design resource for all of our girl boss biz needs!

We love MOO because it's not only super easy to use, but the quality of the products is second to none. Not to mention, it's a stellar place to get allll the #designinspo for your business cards, postcards, and flyers! We love using this for all of our printed project needs.


This is the go-to program for seasoned and aspiring designers, and something we use in our business every day.

We use Adobe every single day. No, really we do! Whether it's editing our new Instagram photos in Lightroom, or designing new logos in Illustrator, or even creating smart graphics in Photoshop, this is one of the strongest tools in our #girlboss tool belt. We love to use Adobe for client work, logo design, brand boards, photo editing and all of our design needs here at BB Headquarters!


Asana is seriously a life-changing project management system, to efficiently and effectively manage your projects, tasks and deadlines. Once you sign up, you’ll never look back!

We love Asana because it's not only super easy to use, but it helps keep our team on task during launches, strategy sessions, and daily tasks. Asana makes sure none of the little details or huge deadlines are ever missed. It's a life saver!


Slack is a collaboration hub for the next generation of work. It's a place where teams communicate, and is our #1 way to stay in touch with our worldwide team. Basically, it's our holy grail resource!

Slack helps us keep in touch and communication with our team, who's spread throughout the world! Emails will be a thing of the past, and you can organize channels into different categories to stay on top of things and organized in all of your teams communications. Bonus points: it has an equally awesome mobile app!


Google Drive helps you organize all of your project files in one easy to use place (that you can totally share with your clients, too!) You can access it on your laptop, or on your phone so you can stay connected no matter where you're at in the world.

We adore using Google Drive to keep our team files, project files, and documents organized all in one place. You can share folders with your whole team, just one person, or keep them private. Organizing multiple clients? Check. Basically, it will become your can't-live-without organizational tool, girl!


Our number one way to safely organize your files using Dropbox so you can easily access them anytime, anywhere! Perfect for the digital nomad #girl boss on the go!

We seriously love Dropbox. It's the best way to keep you and your clients files organized, safe, secure, and easy to send. We love using this for large design files, photo storage, and so much more! It'll change your #girlboss game, chica!




The ultimate booking app for wanderlusters on the go, we always get the best deals through which compares the prices of all travel sites online to score you the best deals at the most fab hotels!

We love because we can find totally adorbs boutique hotels on this platform, in the cities that we love! It's available for use world-wide (very important to full time digital nomads) and still manages to give us the best deals so we can stay in the places we love, all while knowing we're getting the best price!


TripIt is one of our favorite travel apps of all time, and has totally changed the game for us! It keeps all of your itineraries, bookings and confirmations in one please so you can view them super easily. Basically, it's your own personal travel agent, right on your phone!

We love this app because it definitely makes our lives way easier. By creating an easy to read trip itinerary for you all in one place (think hotel reservations, flights, buses, you name it!) There will be no more searching your email for confirmation emails, girl. Aaamen, am I right? We use this everytime we travel, and it's our holy-grail of travel apps!


Airbnb Experiences are activities designed and led by inspiring locals all around the world! They go beyond typical tours or basic classes and help you get immersed in each host's unique country! Think hobbies, skill-sharing, and experience, all with local flair.

We absolutely love trying Airbnb experiences when we're on the go to really get a taste of the local flavor. One of our highlights? An epic canal cruise in Amsterdam complete with mulled wine & cheeses! It's such a great way to meet people when you're traveling, and gives you the opportunity to explore with locals. Pro tip: Read the reviews before you book to make sure you get a stellar experience!


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