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Lisbon is a food lover’s haven. Here, you’ll get everything from fresh seafood, to modern restaurants, healthy eats, and delicious local wine! With help from our friends at BeHere, we’ve put together this guide to Lisbon that will make all of your foodie dreams come true. Let’s get to it, girl!

 Lisbon is home to a serious foodie scene, and we’re sharing all our faves in right here, all located in this digital nomad haven!


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As one of Europe’s most seriously gorg coastal cities, Lisbon is host to a variety of delicious dishes that are unique to this cultural haven, and also happen to be supes healthy! Good food, that’s good for you? HECK. YES.

Some of our absolute fave local dishes are below; many of which originated right here in Lisbon!

Pastel de Nata: Add this to your “can’t visit Lisbon without trying one of these” lists. These custard filled desserts iconic in Lisbon, and are essentially little pieces of heaven. You’re welcome, in advance 😉 Head to Pasties de Belem for a classic rendition of these delightful bites!

Bifana: One of Portugal’s go-to bites, this is perfect to grab on the go. It’s made up of bread and filled with thin slices of marinated pork.

Petiscos: These little nibbles are to Lisbon what tapas are to Spain. Think easy, small bites that are ideal for sharing, and pair perfectly with some of the amazing local wine available here!


In general, here’s the average for what it costs per meal to dine at:

● Local Lisbon Food: approx. $7-9 USD
● Western-style restaurant: approx $12-15 USD


Located throughout the city, Pingo Doce, is a local market that has all the fresh items you could possibly dream of. Because of the convenience of location, there’s sure to be one in your neighborhood! Bonus points: many of these supermarkets also have cafeterias inside, where you can snag an epic (and super affordable) lunch.


NoMenu, despite its name, does actually offer tons of local restaurants on its super easy to use platform, and is definitely one of the OG food delivery options in Lisbon, which means TONS of local eateries use it! UberEats For those of us who are die-hard UberEats fans (raises hand…!) the service has arrived in Lisbon! Plus, it arrives in about half the delivery time of other options, and you can use the UberEats account you already have set up. SCORE.


Dear Breakfast
Lookin’ for the best brekkie in a place that’s also super ‘grammable? You’ve come to the right place, girl! Simple, scrumptious bites with a stunning white, and bright interior make this the perfect spot for a morning pick me up, and believe me…you’ll surely create Instagram envy while you’re at Dear Breakfast!

 Lisbon is home to a serious foodie scene, and we’re sharing all our faves in right here, all located in this digital nomad haven!photo by @ckanani

The Mill Cafe
Buzzworthy coffee? Check. Decadent pastries? Double check. The Mill Cafe totally hits the mark for everything you want your ideal breakfast spot to be. It’s serious #brunchgoals but the best part? In the evening, it turns into a wine bar so you can come back to sip and swirl the amaaaaze local wine from Portugal!

La Boulangerie
What’s better than the smell of baked croissants in the morning? Answer: the taste of them at La Boulangerie! This adorable cafe serves up some of the best croissants for brekkie, along with the most seriously mouthwatering homemade james you’ve ever experienced!

All day brunch? We’re soooo there! The beyond beautiful breakfast spot, Heim, is at the top of our list not just for the irresistible menu (avo toast for daaaaays!) but the interior is what your Pinterest dreams are made of. With greenery sprouting up from every nook and cranny, it’s the perfect combination of quirky and modern.

 Lisbon is home to a serious foodie scene, and we’re sharing all our faves in right here, all located in this digital nomad haven!Photo by 


Time Out Market
Michelen Stars, markets, and wine–ohhh my! Time Out Market is an absolute must hit lunch spot while you’re in Lisbon. This seaside market is home to over 40 vendors (some of which are Michelen Star chefs dishin’ up budget friendly bites!) I meannn…Sign. Me. Up! It’s the perfect melting pot to sample  a variety of cuisine in Lisbon, all in one spot. Not to mention, the aesthetic inside is die for!
   Lisbon is home to a serious foodie scene, and we’re sharing all our faves in right here, all located in this digital nomad haven!photo by @urbanpixxels

Taberna Da Rua Das Flores
One of the best places in all of Lisbon to try authentic Portuguese cuisine is Taberna Da Rua Das Flores. This hole in the wall location will make your taste buds explode! With a rotating menu everyday, this place is a food lovers paradise. Get there early, as spots tend to fill up quickly but girl…will it be soooo worth the wait!

In Boca Al Lupo
Pizza? In Portugal? You bet your cute little butt there is! At In Boca Al Lupo, you’ll find Lisbon’s first organic pizzeria, and is a MUST for you thin-crust pizza lovers out there. The restaurant is simplistically and minimalistic, but has vegan and vegetarian options, making it a win-win for everyone! And at the end of the day, is there anything better than pizza?

Fauna & Flora
Welcome to THE most Insta-worthy lunch spot in all of Lisbon. Seriously though, from the swoon-worthy decor, to the food that’s (almost) too beautiful to eat, this is a must for any serious foodie! It also happens to serve up some of the most healthy bites in the city, so you can indulge all you want at the seriouslyyyy stunning Fauna & Flora! P.S. don’t skip the Detox bowl, we hear it’s life changing!

 Lisbon is home to a serious foodie scene, and we’re sharing all our faves in right here, all located in this digital nomad haven!photo by @ckan

A Cevecheria
Much like the name implies, A Cevecheria is theee place to head for the cities best ceviche. At this seafood based spot, dishes are combined in the perfect blend of asian and tropical. And alllll parts delicious. Finish off your fab ceviche with a glass of local wine. If you haven’t had fresh seafood yet on your trip (a serious must in Lisbon!) Trust us, you don’t want to skip this place! 

 Lisbon is home to a serious foodie scene, and we’re sharing all our faves in right here, all located in this digital nomad haven!Photo by @a_cevicheria_chefkiko


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Pin It For Later: Lisbon is home to a serious foodie scene, and we’re sharing all our faves in right here, all located in this digital nomad haven!
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