Our brand-spankin’ new and updated Design Skills Course and Tech Skills Course are officially LIVE! Want to know exactly what’s new inside the Design Skills Course & Tech Skills Course? Click here for a sneak peek at all the new updates!

16 Things You’ll Love About The NEW Design Skills Course & Tech Skills Course!

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Hey friends, Cassie here! Our team is poppin’ ALL the virtual bubbly today because guess what? 

Our brand-spankin’ new and updated Design Skills Course and Tech Skills Course are officially LIVE! *cue Beyonce hair flips* 

We’ve been working extra hard behind-the-scenes on some awesome new course updates for you, plus, major platform updates to make the Bucketlist Bombshells Academy™ the best experience for our students that it can possibly be!

“What are the Design Skills Course & Tech Skills Course?”

If you’re new around these parts, here’s what you’ll learn from two of our most-popular online courses: 

The Design Skills Course & Tech Skills Course are our popular, step-by-step online courses and communities for aspiring graphic designers and techies. You’ll learn the top graphic design and tech skills that clients are hiring for online so you can work remotely from anywhere in the world!

You’ll learn skills like: 

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Page Design 
  • Designing Logos
  • Designing Facebook Ads
  • And so much more!

Ok, now that we’ve got the basics covered, I know you’re itching to know all of the juicy details about what is NEW inside the updated courses…

Pssst…if you’re a current student, you already have access to all of these incredible updates — simply click here to login!

Update #1: New Student Interface

That’s right! The Design Skills Course & Tech Skills Course have a new and improved user interface which is not only totally b-e-a-utiful but incredibly intuitive and easy for you to navigate. #glowup

Update #2: New Module Timestamps:

Based on our sweet student feedback, it’s now easy to know exactly how long each module and lesson will take you to complete using the new timestamps feature!

Update #3: New Lesson Transcripts:

Like to read the Keynote lessons instead of listen? Now you can, girl! You’ll now find transcripts & slides for each Keynote lesson, perfect for different learning styles. 

Update #4: New Resource Libraries

Want to quickly access a specific topic or concept inside the courses? You can now easily find all of the resource and course download links in one, easy-to-access spot inside your Resource Library module!

Update #5: New “Start Here” Module

Are you ready to dive back into the Design Skills Course & Tech Skills Course with all these sweet new updates?! Don’t miss the new “Start Here” module for a tutorial on how to best navigate the new courses, plus a new lesson on how to set yourself up for success. 

Update #6: New Assessment Quizzes

Completed the Design Skills Course & Tech Skills Course? Want to test your new design and tech skills knowledge? Now you can – with our new Graded Assessment Quiz! 

Tech Skills Course Specific Updates

Update #7: New Social Media Module

What was the #1 most highly requested update? You asked, we listened: Instagram lessons! Learn how to grow & manage Instagram business accounts, plus, TONS of totally new social media strategy techniques for Facebook and Pinterest too. Learn how to grow an audience, build brand awareness, analyze social media metrics and more! 

Update #8: New Website Design Module

Ready to learn our new favorite all-in-one WordPress website theme? Weeknight Website is the same theme the new Bucketlist Bombshells website is built on, and it’s intuitive platform is going to be a total game-changer for you website designers! ***Plus, as a BONUS for being a sweet Tech Skills Course student, you get 1-Month freeee

Update #9: New Email Marketing Module:

Ready to step up your email marketing game? Our updated lessons have new email marketing strategies to grow your clients’ email lists, plus tutorials with updated features in both Mailchimp and ConvertKit!

Update #10: New Online Webinars Module

You’ll learn the new, most popular webinar hosting platform, EasyWebinar, inside the new “Online Webinars” module! Not only is it the exact webinar platform we use, we’ll walk you through how to build a webinar funnel and strategies like best performing webinar statistics, hosting tips and more!

Update #11: New Booking Calendar Module

Ready to make those Complimentary Consultation funnels a breeze? In our new “Online Booking Calendar” module, you’ll learn how to easily setup and integrate one using our favorite platform: Calendly.

Update #12: New Questionnaire Toolkit

Working with clients just got a whole lot easier with our new Client Questionnaire Toolkit! You’ll find all of your client questionnaires, swipe copy, and checklists inside this one time-saving, incredibly valuable toolkit.

Update #13: New Portfolio Bootcamp

Ready to practice all of your tech skills and build your portfolio with real-world client scenarios? Now you can with our new Build Your Portfolio Bootcamp! From creating social media posts to designing a website homepage, you’ll find a variety of client projects that need your tech expertise!

Design Skills Course Specific Updates

Update #14: New Portfolio Projects

Ready to take your new design portfolio to the next level? The course now has 4 new advanced portfolio projects inside the Portfolio Bootcamp for you to stretch your skills and design a handful of totally new deliverables!

Update #15: New Adobe CC Module

Check out the new and improved Adobe Creative Cloud features with our new Basics of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign tutorials (plus, new Adobe Creative Suite Cheat Sheets!) to improve your design workflow with Adobe’s new features!

Update #16: New Design Files Bonus

Ready to learn how to “Marie Kondo” your design files? In this totally new BONUS module, you’ll learn how to organize all of your project files like creating project folders to improve your workflow! Happy clients = More Referrals. 

We’re over the moon excited by all these updates…

From all of us here at Team BB, we’re so dang grateful for you, and we can’t wait for you to dive into all the new juicy course goodness!

Let’s do this! 

x Cassie + Shay & Team BB

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