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Kopila Valley Visit: Day Three in Nepal

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Kopila Valley Visit: Day Three in Surkhet, Nepal

Day 3 of our trip in Nepal is officially in the books, and our second full day in Surkhet at the Kopila Valley School is wrapped up. Today we explored so much and are so excited to share with you! From taking in the inspiring new campus, to visiting an amazing women’s co-op, it was truly a day to remember! We have been absolutely blown away by the power that education has had here.

We’re so grateful for all of your support, and for following us along during our journey through Nepal, and have loved joining you live everyday!

Want to catch us live? We’d love to answer any questions you have about our visit here! Just head to our private Facebook Community, Bucketlist Bombshells Tribe or on Instagram at 9 AM PST // 12 PM EST!

Our third day in Nepal was jam-packed with so much! Check the video below to see the recap!


Visiting the Kopila Valley Girls Home [:39]

Why Saturday is the day off in Nepal [1:25]

Exploring the new campus, and learning about all the amazing brand new additions [1:58]

Exploring the incredible women’s co-op [2:40]

The skills these women are learning to become entrepreneurs  [3:30]


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