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Curious how two 20-somethings built online businesses that give us the freedom to travel the world full-time? In this post, we’re sharing all of our behind the scenes secrets so you can learn how to work online & travel the world too! CLICK HERE to see the steps.

We are SO excited to explore Nepal through the next week as part of our giving back program, which benefits the amazing BlinkNow Kopila Valley Children’s Home & School. Today was beyond memorable as we adventured through Kathmandu for the very first time, and we’re so stoked to share our journey through Nepal with you every day!

In case you missed it, everyday we’ll be sharing behind the scenes action each day LIVE inside of our Facebook Community, Bucketlist Bombshells Tribe and on Instagram at 9 AM PST // 12 PM EST every day!

Ready to see what our very first day in Nepal was like? Check the video below to see the recap!




Our time spent exploring Kathmandu, Nepal! This is our recap of what you can do with only 24 hours in this bucket list destination.

The background of our trip, and why we’re here! [3:17]

The epic monkey temple we visited, Swayambhu [4:30]

Why you should hire a driver in Kathmandu [5:33]

Visiting the largest Buddhist monument in the world, the Great Boudha Stupa [7:40]

The best sim card to use in Nepal, and where to get it! [8:45]

Why you should always bring a passport photo with you [9:15]

The incredible view and food at Roadhouse Cafe [9:50]

Exploring one of the oldest squares in Kathmandu, Patan Square [10:45]

Our experience with singing bowls, and trying sound healing therapy for the first time! [11:47]

Trying Golden Tea for the first time in the cutest cafe! [15:00]

Our adventures through the complete oasis that is The Garden of Dreams [16:10]

Meeting up with our amazing videographer, Jade, at Rosemary Kitchen & Coffee Shop [17:50]

Trying our very first (delicious!) Nepalese food [18:45]

Where we’re headed tomorrow, and our next stop on the trip! [19:50]


Swayambhu Temple
The Great Boudha Stupa
Roadhouse Cafe
The Garden of Dreams
Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop
Patan Square

We’ll catch ya tomorrow at 9 AM PST // 12 PM EST LIVE as we share our recap of Day 2 in Nepal! Can’t wait to see you then!

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Our time spent exploring Kathmandu, Nepal! This is our recap of what you can do with only 24 hours in this bucket list destination.

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