This might just be one of our absolute best kept secrets, but today, we’re spillin’ allll the beans with ya girl. This one method of seeking out our clients completely changed the game for us when we were started our online biz, and we’re so excited to be sharing all of our insider tips with […]

How We Used Facebook Groups to Triple Our Income Working Online.

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This might just be one of our absolute best kept secrets, but today, we’re spillin’ allll the beans with ya girl. This one method of seeking out our clients completely changed the game for us when we were started our online biz, and we’re so excited to be sharing all of our insider tips with you!

On the blog, we’ve also broken down exactly how to setup your virtual storefront, showcase your epic portfolio, and network like a pro so you can start reaching out to clients like a pro.

We’ve also discussed tapping into your own personal network, to start the client search. But today? Today we’re revealing how to expand your client net even wider, with one of our favorite (and totally free) resources!

That resource? Facebook, girl! More specifically, Facebook groups.

Now at this point, you might be thinkin’ to yourself…

“I didn’t realize I could use Facebook Groups to land clients”

But think about it this way…

Besides Google, where do you turn when you’re looking for something specific? After Google, you most likely head to Facebook. And if you’re lookin’ for something super specific, you probably already turn to Facebook Groups.

This means other small biz owners out there are doin’ the same, and lookin’ for services that you offer! Meaning your ideal clients are sitting inside these (totally free!) groups!

Not only will you be able to get in front of your potential clients, you’ll have the opportunity to connect on a personal level, build relationships and show off your skills and expertise. #BOOMBABY 

So now the million dollar question you’re probably thinkin’ right now: which are the best Facebook groups to join?

There are literally tons of Facebook Groups out there, so it’s important to have a system for evaluating which groups are going to be the most effective for you to connect with potential clients.

So today, we’re sharing our absolute top tips to help you evaluate the best Facebook Groups for finding clients, because believe us…not all Facebook groups are created equal!

 Tip #1: Join Groups Filled With Your Ideal Clients

Let’s say that your ideal clients are creative entrepreneurs. By utilizing the search function on Facebook, search for groups that have “creative” or “entrepreneur” in the name, you can filter through groups to find exactly what you’re lookin’ for.

You’ll find groups full of small biz owners, just lookin’ for your help! Still looking for ways to narrow down exactly what groups to join? Keep reading, and we’re breaking down all of our tips to help you find the best Facebook Groups out there!

Tip #2: Join a Group with at Least 1,000 Members

The larger the group, the more you can expect to reach your ideal client!

Think about it this way: the bigger the group, the more chances there are for you to connect with your ideal client. From experience, we’ve learned that groups that are smaller than this tend to be a bit less effective to garner consistent and quality clients. 

Not to mention, when the groups are larger, the activity inside the groups tends to be much greater. The more activity, the more chance there is for you to totally connect with one of your future clients. This leads us to our next tip, chica!

Tip #3: Join 5-7 HIGHLY Active Groups

This one is key, girl.

Before you request to join the group, one of the most important factors is to review how many posts have been created that day, and in the last 30 days. You’ll be able to see this before you sign up to join on the preview page.

How do you know how many posts per day you should be looking for? Your ideal number is around 10 posts a day! This will guarantee that the community is not only large in size (so there’s more potential to connect with your ideal client)but it also shows you that the group is consistently posting and has an engaged audience, which is key to connecting with potential clients!  

And speaking of engaging…

Tip 4: Genuinely Engage With Members

Now that you know what groups to join, the trick is to get noticed!  The key word here is “genuine”. We all know that networking is allll about building relationships (let’s be real…we all wanna work with people we like!)

Avoid being spammy here, and go into it with the mentality of actually making friends! Your genuine interest to help people here will shine, and will prevent it from looking spammy.

One of our biggest pieces of advice is to go into these groups with the mentality of genuinely making friends and professional acquaintances. Which leads us to…

Tip #5: Provide Valuable Advice & Support

You might be wondering, “What should I be posting in these groups?”

The goal here is to be seriously (& outrageously) helpful when members ask questions, needs advice, or information in your area of expertise!

Try to spend about 30 minutes a day engaging in Facebook groups, and the more you put in, the more opportunities will begin to open up as potential clients see your helpful comments and valuable contributions in the group.

When your potential clients are lookin’ for someone with your skillset…who do you think will come to mind?

That’s right, chica…YOU! 

 Tip #6: Utilize Weekly Promo Threads

 This is is super important, girl!

While for the most part self-promotion isn’t always allowed, some groups allow for promotion on certain days, meaning you get to showcase your services. These are typically posted on the same day and time each week.

We like to set a calendar reminder to remind us when each group thread is posted, so we can dedicated a chunk of time to interacting in the thread.

This is a huuuuge opportunity to connect with your clients. It’s seriously a platform to speak to your ideal clientele. Just consider it free advertising to your target audience. But don’t forget, always engage with others in the group as well!

These are our absolute best tips to not only get noticed by your ideal audience…

But to get hired by them.

We bet you’re SO ready to get out there, and share your skills with the world, because at this point, you’re a total Facebook Group pro, and know how to totally rock this platform to find your ideal clients!

We can’t wait to see you out there in the Facebook Group world, so you can put these strategies to use, and land your dream clients. We’ll be here cheerin’ you on the whole way, girl!

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