Ready to increase your productivity, eliminate distraction, and avoid procrastination? Here are our five favorite productivity podcast episodes…

Boosting Productivity: 5 Podcast Episodes You Need to Listen to Now

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Over here on the BB Team, we’re always looking for ways to boost our productivity to help us accomplish our goals and dreams!

Because, let’s be honest, we all have our days where our brains just aren’t turning, the distractions are never-ending, or we’re simply in need of a little extra inspiration and motivation.

And whether we’re sipping coconuts on the beach or crossing off to-do lists in our favorite co-working space, podcasts are an incredible tool that can transform our business (and yours!) from anywhere in the world. All you need are some killer headphones and the perfect planner!

So without further adieu, here are our five absolute favorite podcast episodes that will help you get more time back in your day, cross off your to-do lists, and get you back to feeling accomplished!

1. The Influencer Podcast: Episode 141

Ready to learn how to increase your focus and productivity? 

The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon will take you behind the scenes of influencer marketing as industry elites share how they engage, persuade, and grow their influence!

In this incredibly powerful and inspiring episode, Julie partners up with Adrienne Dorison, Rory and AJ Vaden, and Marie Forleo (def one of our faves!) to hunker down and kick your business’s butt in gear! From sharing their own struggles to exactly how they’ve become super productive, they’re spilling all the deets you need to know to increase your focus and be productive with your online girl boss biz!

Looking to remove pressure and perfectionism, leverage your uniqueness, and discover exactly where your biz is having efficiency issues? You’ll learn just that and so much more in The Influencer Podcast’s 141st episode!

2. The Perfectionism Project: Episode 160

Ready to learn how to be more productive when working from home?

The Perfectionism Project by Sam Laura Brown shares personal growth and life advice to help ambitious women (like you!) get out of their own way!

As a remote worker, the thought of being productive at home can seem impossible. Back in your 9-5 corporate life, you probably stayed late at the office to wrap up projects. Now that you’re an entrepreneur, you might feel that it’s necessary to invest in a co-working space in order to stay focused and on-task.

But we’ve got good news, girl! You don’t have to leave your house in order to get sh*t done!

In this Perfectionism Project episode, Sam shares her top five ways to be more productive from home. From creating boundaries and setting work hours to self-respect and saving time for yourself, this episode is sure to help you master productivity while in the comfort of your own home!

3. The BossBabe Podcast: Episode 68

Ready to learn how to be insanely organized without actually going insane?

The BossBabe Podcast with Natalie Elizabeth Ellis and Danielle Canty shares behind-the-scenes of building successful businesses and achieving peak performance.

To be frank, not all of us entrepreneurs start off with having incredible organizational skills (unlike me, Shay is the queen of our BB Team organization!). So, if you’re the girl boss who’s guilty of having one desktop miscellaneous folder full of all the things (definitely guilty), you don’t want to miss what Danielle has to say in this BossBabe episode

Because the truth of it is, when you’re better organized you can be more productive! So, get ready to talk all things organization and discover some of our favorite systems that will take your efficiency and productivity to a new level!

4. The Fizzle Show: Episode 277

Ready for realistic tactics for building a biz while working?

The Fizzle Show provides weekly insights for business builders and small business owners earning a living doing something they love! 

Starting a business while you’re still at your 9-5 can be incredibly challenging. Desperate for more time, struggling with the transition from corporate life to self-employed girl boss, or feeling burnt out? The Fizzle Show’s 277th episode is SO for you!

Be ready to discover your value, how to chisel out time within a busy schedule, manage energy levels, and fuel your work with passion. From internal operating systems and juggling commitments to breaking things down into small, accomplishable chunks, this episode will increase your productivity and get you closer to living out your full-time entrepreneurial dream!

5. She Did It Her Way Podcast: Episode 350

Ready to learn how to get yourself into action even when you don’t feel like it?

The She Did It Her Way Podcast with Amanda Boleyn dives into important questions about starting a business and when to make the leap of going full-time as an entrepreneur. 

Ever have those days (or weeks) where you know you’ve got a lot to get done, but your brain just isn’t having it? They’re the total worse and can completely ruin your girl boss productivity game. Trust us, we’ve had many throughout our time of building our biz!

In this episode, Amanda shares her best tips for kicking your butt back in gear even when you really just aren’t feeling it. Get ready to learn how to avoid stalling, stop procrastinating, and understand how your emotions lead to your actions! Because at the end of the day, you’ve got goals to crush and dreams to reach.

So, tune in girl and get ready to boost your productivity, get more organized, and be on the fast track to accomplishing your girl boss goals!

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