Today, we’re chatting with Marlene, a past BB Tech Skills Course student and Work Online & Travel the World Course student, who quit her job, successfully started her own brand strategy and graphic design studio, The Mintminds, and is now traveling around the world full-time (she’s currently livin’ it up in Chiang Mai, Thailand)! Errrm #lifegoals

From 9-5 Community Manager to Launching Her Own Brand Strategy Studio: How This Millennial Became An Online Girl Boss & Travels the World Full-time!

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Work Online, Travel The World + Live Creatively

4 Essential Steps To Start An Online Business And Travel The World!

Hey chicas! We are beyond excited to share this interview with you today because it is so freakin’ inspiring and omg-motivating that after watching it, we promise you’ll be ready to pursue your Globetrotting Girl Boss dreams and take over the world (like, literally)!

Today, we’re chatting with Marlene, a past BB Tech Skills Course student and Work Online & Travel the World Course student, who quit her job, successfully started her own brand strategy and graphic design studio, The Mintminds, and is now traveling around the world full-time (she’s currently livin’ it up in Chiang Mai, Thailand)! Errrm #lifegoals

This particular interview is seriously so special to us because we first met Marlene at the Dojo Coworking Space in Canggu, Bali and instantly became besties – bonding over our love for travel and dancing (nothin’ a little dance move can’t fix right?).

Over the past few months, it’s been the coolest thing to watch her grow through this Globetrotting Girl Boss experience and see her totally fall in love with building a business that she’s so incredibly passionate about!

In this video interview, Marlene is giving us the total lowdown on how she pushed through her initial fears of starting her own online biz, how she found her first client, her biggest piece of advice for aspiring BB’s and so much more! Click the play button to watch!

Name: Marlene Zehnter

Age: 28

Hometown: Bochum, Germany

Name of Your Online Biz: The Mintminds (

Services You Offer: Brand Strategy & Graphic Design 

What are your travel plans for this year?

I’m currently living in Chiang Mai Thailand but I’ll be going to England in the middle of May. Then afterwards, probably Portugal and then Ecuador in South America followed by Columbia, the rest of South America and the rest of the world!

Today is #songkran the new year in Thailand which is celebrated by blessing each other with water. Over the years – and I assume with the influence o tourism – this holiday got bigger and bigger and now literally everyone throws or shoots water at everyone. Remember when you were a kid and every once in a while there was this fun waterparty with your friends with water guns, balloons filled with water and water bottles? It’s basically a bigger version of this party, everyone gets to become a little playful kid again. It is so much fun. A lot of people told me how they don’t like this holiday because of what tourism made out of it. For me to be honest, this is such a great example for the amazing synergie tourism + local culture can have. Soo enjoying this holiday full of love, joy and playfulness #chiangmai #Watergames #fun #joy #wet #infiniteloveandgratitude #enjoyinglife

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Did you have fears in pursuing an online career? If so, what were they? How did you conquer them?

Ahm YES! Hell yes. I quit my job and started building my online business without any income coming in – that’s scary! Even though I had some savings, the fear of not making it, of not earning enough money, of not finding clients or of clients rejecting me (uff, that is a huge fear that I still take with me!) weighed on me.

I started to dive into what exactly makes me so fearful. I asked myself, “Why I do have all these limiting beliefs about money, work and success? Why do I never stop comparing myself to others?” Step by step, I’m changing these beliefs by actively stopping my mind when it starts to become fearful again and by implementing positive beliefs.

I love that every day I discover something new about myself. Honestly, I don’t know if The Mintminds will continue to be successful but I believe in it and now, I believe in myself.

Tell us a little about your job prior to becoming a BB: Before becoming a Bucketlist Bombshell, I was working as the Event and Community Manager at a coworking space in Bali.

The job was all in all pretty amazing although there were some tough times as well. I think the fact that I met incredible people on a daily basis who were loving their work, living amazing lives and who are making awesome things happen pushed me to also want to pursue this lifestyle.

What did you enjoy most about the BB courses?

I truly have enjoyed having the support of you two! My insecurities can be difficult to deal with but both of you have always been incredibly supportive.

I also love the private Facebook communities which have been so invaluable to me it is incredible! I love seeing all the other BB women that share their stories and watching them grow.

Secondly, I loved all of the tutorial videos about how to find clients and how to design your own website. The courses pushed me to do things outside of my comfort zone which was both scary and fun!

How did you land your first client?

My very first client was a huge inspiration for the concept behind The Mintminds. She is a friend of mine who founded an amazing mother-daughter retreat in Costa Rica called Wildflower.

I landed my second client after I started The Mintminds using the Facebook group client strategy that I learned inside The WTC. I honestly didn’t think I would find a client using this strategy but I thought to myself, “Ok, just give it a try and comment on some posts that resonate with you”.

Did that: first comment, first client. Tadaaa 🙂

How has working online & traveling the world changed your life?

I’m still in the process of change but I can tell already, if I manage to create a sustainable income in the long run, it will be the love of my life. I believe that traveling makes you grow faster and it is the moments where I grow and develop that push me into that growth, that make me develop. That is what I so love about this lifestyle!

If there’s one thing you wish you knew before before becoming a Bucketlist Bombshell, what would it be?

That anything you want is possible. You are the creator of your life, you are in charge of your thoughts, your words and actions. So if you are unhappy, if something is bothering you, YOU are the one that can change it.

If you could give advice to an aspiring BB, what would you say?

JUST DO IT! Jump, overcome your fears, start creating the life that you want because it is possible. Everything you dream of you can do, so start dreaming and start working towards these dreams. Believe in yourself and trust the universe (a little bit fluffy stuff needed to be included in my answers! ha!).

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