you're a

Techie girl boss!

Sound Like You Girl?

The first step in figuring out which type of online business is right for you is knowing and utilizing your unique strengths!

As a Techie Girl Boss, you’re a natural problem solver which means you love all things strategy and systems — whether that’s figuring out a new platform or program or analyzing data to make the best strategic decision.

You gain energy from having quiet space to yourself to think and analyze, and you prefer working on your own when possible.

You’re an expert at using your inner creative to solve technical challenges — oh how you love a good challenge! You have a knack for finding the perfect solution in any situation, and you love working behind-the-scenes to make things work!

Online Services You Can Offer

Guess what, girl? The easiest and quickest way to start making money online with your strengths is by starting a service-based online business. As a Techie Girl Boss, you’d thrive in offering online services like:

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    Email Marketing Setup & Management

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    Website Development

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    Online Workshop & Webinar Setup

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    Sales Page Funnel Strategy & Setup

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    Digital Service & Program Setup

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    Social Media Management

Which Bucketlist Bombshells Academy Course Should I Take?

Ready to learn the online tech skills, along with the business foundation you need to launch your own online business and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world? Join us and thousands of other Techie Girl Bosses just like you inside the:


The Tech Skills Course

You’ll learn the most popular tech skills that clients are hiring for online like how to manage social media accounts, design websites, setup email marketing and more!


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