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From Retail Associate to Entrepreneur: How One Millennial Changed Careers to Launch Her Online Business

From Retail Associate to Solopreneur: How One Millenial Changed Careers to Launch Her Online Business. Bucketlist Bombshell graduate Abby Sealby launched a successful virtual assistant company that now gives her the freedom to work from her favorite place in the world, Indonesia! We’re sharing how she made it happen in this interview...

It’s time for the latest installment of our Student Spotlight Series! We’re so dang excited here at BB headquarters today, because this months student is seriously so inspiring, and is a huge support inside of the Bucketlist Bombshells community!

She’s currently living the #islandlife working remotely from Indonesia, and is totally killin’ it out there in the girl boss world!

Want to know a bit more about our Student Spotlight Series?

Each month, we sit down with one of our incredible Bucketlist Bombshells Academy graduates, who have successfully chased their dreams with a fierce fire, taken the entrepreneur world by storm, and are now totally rockin’ the online biz world.

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Name: Abby Sealby

Age: 25

Hometown: Surrey, United Kingdom

Business: Wave VA Studio

Services she offers: Funnel Setup, Instagram Strategy & Content Repurposing

We had the chance to sit down with Abby and chat about her own personal girl boss journey, what she’s learned as her business has evolved, her favorite place to work, and her biggest piece of advice for aspiring Bucketlist Bombshells!

Get To Know Abby…

Join Us As We Chat Over Coffee With Abby…

What inspired you to take the courses inside the BB Academy? 

I wanted to move to Indonesia, so I HAD to find a way to work online. I so badly craved the lifestyle of being able to just work from my laptop. I have a large yearning to travel the world and not be stuck living in one place in an office job (OMG, even the thought makes me want to crawl up into a ball and cry, hahahah)

What was the moment that you decided to ditch your 9-5? Did you have an “aha” moment?

I just had a part-time retail job, so wasn’t giving much up. I knew it was now or never to take a chance at living my dreams. I can’t even really remember the exact moment that I just decided. I knew I could easily get a two month visa for Indonesia, so decided to go for two months and see how it went. I knew I could’ve easily got my old job back. For me, it was more about figuring out whether I wanted to live in Indonesia.                              









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                                                                                                                              What are you grateful for? Through @dreamlife_deluxe mindset bootcamp, she got me to write down 50 things I am grateful for in my life right now and 20 things I am grateful for, FOR MYSELF! It was a great journalling task/prompt and something that I love reading back on. It was a lot of things to list and I had to really dig deep, but so worthwhile. Have you ever tried to write such a long list of things you are grateful for? A post shared by Funnels + Tech + Content (@wavevastudio) on                                                              

What does a “day in the life” look like for you now that you’re running your online biz?

A crazy, yet somewhat organised mess hahaha. (I feel like I could write an essay for this answer). I usually start by answering client emails, checking Trello/Asana boards that I have with clients. Deciding what tasks have to be done that day and taking some good solid action for a few hours. At the beginning, I very much felt like I could fiddle about with silly things for hours and not actually get much done, I now really try to concentrate on just ‘doing it’, even if I’m not too sure how it’s all going to figure out yet. Aside from client work, I try to keep up with my IG profile (it’s my only form of staying visible currently).

I work on own my mindset some days with meditation and journaling. I go surfing and go to yoga classes a few times a week. I always stop working around 4pm to walk my dogs. Some days I just have a beach or pool day. Or one of my friends and I, who also works remotely, will go and take photos together so we have fresh content for our IG profiles (we always feel lucky to have each other to do this haha).

I also volunteer at a school two times a week and help out the local dog charity with marketing and catching dogs to treat them. It has always been a dream of mine to be charitable in some way, so I love that I can now do that (as I’m in complete control of my own schedule).      









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                                                              This time last year I had just landed in Lombok. • I didn’t have too much of a plan. • I had flights booked to return to the UK in two months. Within that time I was going to figure out a) whether I would want to live there more permanently b) whether I could figure out if being a VA was a viable option • A year later and I’ve figured that it is a big YES to both those options. • I can’t believe how much has happened in one year. I started my own online business where I am now so certain on what it is I want to provide and who my ideal clients are. • I have a home in Lombok with my boyfriend. • I realised that I actually LOVE dogs and now can’t live without my ‘babies’. • I’ve experienced earthquakes. • I overcame so many of my fears and grew in confidence. • I swapped partying for surfing and yoga. • I learnt that building a business isn’t simply about having the right strategies, but also the right mindset. • I invested in my own self growth and learning. • I started building my own tribe of online business friends. • I found out my brother still thinks I’m completely weird. • I’m starting to realise that one day I will hopefully live my dream life, well more dreamy than it is already! • What have you learnt in the last year? Tell me below in the comments 💁🏼‍♀️✨                               A post shared by Funnels + Tech + Content (@wavevastudio) on                              

Has the BB Academy helped you on your girl boss journey?

The courses specific skills and knowledge I needed to just get started! They gave me a fantastic guideline of where to start, what to begin doing. I was very unsure of what I liked doing and where this path would lead me, but they gave me the direction to be able to start!

Without them, I would’ve been so overwhelmed and no way would I be doing what I am now doing. I hadn’t even heard of the term virtual assistant until I done the Bucketlist Bombshells free video course to begin with.

What’s the most challenging part of runnin’ your own online biz?

Keeping up with everything. Some weeks can be slow, then the next week, all of sudden everyone’s ready to go full steam ahead.

Balancing multiple clients can be a struggle. It can be very up and down. I’m trying to niche down and have more specific packages, so I can organise myself better.

Why did you choose the digital nomad lifestyle, and what does it mean to you? 

Everything for me comes back to wanting to live in Indonesia and to have the freedom to travel around whenever I want. Freedom is what it’s all about! It means I can live my dream of living in a hot location near the beach.                                              









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                              Mindset: UNSTOPPABLE! I’ve just had the most productive Monday ever, got so much client work scheduled and organised lots of tasks in my own business. Who else loves Mondays? 🙋🏼‍♀️ A post shared by Funnels + Tech + Content (@wavevastudio) on              

What was the one thing that kept you going when you felt like giving up?

 I look outside at the sunshine and remember how little sunshine I will have if I give this up and have to return to the UK hahaha. Podcasts are also a great way to inspire me if I wake up feeling a bit mehhh, hearing other entrepreneurs stories and the excitement they feel can boost my energy too. I usually get sooooo many content ideas listening to podcasts too. Or sometimes a pool break is just needed to get me back into ‘flow’.

I didn’t really have another option, apart from living in the UK with a boring office job. I just knew I 100% didn’t want the ‘normal’ life. I wanted to stay in Indonesia and this was the only way.

How long was it until you landed your first client online?

It literally only took a few days after I started showing up in FB groups. I think I was pretty lucky. I had two clients in my first week and they were clients of mine for about 6 months.

I was actually even the one who let them go, as they weren’t aligned with what I wanted to do anymore.

Now that you can work anywhere, what is your fave travel destination to work from?

I’ve only worked from Lombok and the UK and Lombok definitely wins.

What’s one travel item you can’t live without?

My new Apple Airpods!

What’s your go-to podcast that you’d recommend to other girl bosses?

Alex Beadon 100%!!!

Also, Amy Porterfield and Jenna Kutcher. There’s so many others I want to listen to, but currently trying to make my way through all of the 3 mentioned.




























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Mega Mindset Challenge – day three with @dreamlife_deluxe. Susi always gets me to think about what’s the future me and to find proof that I’m already helping clients and doing well. I sometimes forget that I’m already living my dreams and I’m actually running my own business. So my belief, something that I have to actually start thinking is true and not just a crazy pigmentation of my mind, ‘I am a leader. I think and act like the CEO of my own company, because I AM the CEO of my own company.’ Are you believing that you’re a CEO too? @rebeccalucyh @chynnaherman @heyyyitsmemaria @amyrgmarketing #dreamlifedeluxe




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What’s the best part about being your own #girlboss?

Doing everything for myself, being able to be in full control of my lifestyle, my self-care and knowing that I’m also helping other women to succeed with their business.

Okay, and our absolute favorite question: What is your #1 piece of advice to aspiring Bucketlist Bombshells?

 Just go for it, it will be hard and scary at times, but that’s part of the journey. It will be a constant journey. Just take action (everyday)!                                              









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                              The most important tactic with Instagram is consistency – post at least once a day. When you’re consistent with posting you are building up a tribe of true followers who are waiting to see your daily post. Consistency is so important for a steady rate of growth. How often do you post? ✨🌺🌴 A post shared by Funnels + Tech + Content (@wavevastudio) on              


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From Retail Associate to Solopreneur: How One Millenial Changed Careers to Launch Her Online Business. Bucketlist Bombshell graduate Abby Sealby launched a successful virtual assistant company that now gives her the freedom to work from her favorite place in the world, Indonesia! We’re sharing how she made it happen in this interview...

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