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With six years of full-time travel under our belt, we’ve curated our favorite travel items that we can’t do without. Shop what’s in our suitcase below!

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  • Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

    This travel adapter kit has been a game-changer for us! This set includes all of the compatible plugs around the world, and it works for our laptops, iPhones & iPads. This makes charging all your devices a breeze, no matter where you’re at in the world!

  • Electronic Toothbrush

    We’ve tried maaaany electric toothbrushes over the years, and this one is definitely our go-to. With a USB charger (essential for international traveling!) it’ll keep those pearly whites of yours lookin’ so fresh and so clean.

  • Emu Slippers

    For the days when we just gotta work from home, we can’t take our feet out of these slippers! They’re super comfy for working and lounging around the house, we can’t get enough of these!

  • Neck Pillow

    Clearly, we’re huge travel fans around these parts and one of the ways we travel with ease, is to make sure those long haul flights are as comfy as possible. We’ve tried many travel pillows over the years and keep coming back to this one again and again. It’ll leave you feeling fresh when you get off your flight, and help you catch some quality zzz’s along the way!

  • Packing Cubes

    If you haven’t been introduced to packing cubes yet, these are about to change your life, chica! They make packing a totaly breeze and give you so much more room in your suitcase. You’ll be the savviest traveler on the block with these!

  • Passport Holder

    We’re totes huge fans of cute passport holders around here, and this one is one of our absolute favorites! From weekend trips, to whirlwind getaways, to overseas adventures, this will get you oh-so-excited for your travels ahead!

  • Portable Power Bank

    There will never be a time you run out of power with this adorbs portable power bank in hand! We love this portable charger to have on hand when we’re on the go, it slips easily into any bag, and has just the right amount of sass. Sign us up!

  • Skyroam Portable WiFI

    The must have item for every digital nomad. Skyroam gives you Wifi access no matter where you’re located in the world. Want to work on a train, beach, or desert camp site? This will give you access to strong wifi so you can check off your bucketlist, and fill up that passport.

  • Slip Sleep Mask

    From jetsetting to self care, this sleep mask will see you through it all. The Silk sleep mask helps you catch some much needed zzzz’s so you can conquer the day ahead with ease!

  • Swell Water Bottle

    We are seriously obsessed with these water bottles to stay hydrated on the go. We literally take them everywhere: workouts, coworking spaces, coffee shops etc. They’re great too when you’re in hot climates because it keeps your water super cold. Perfect for the (hydrated) girl boss on the go!

  • V Moda Wireless Headphones

    A solid pair of headphones is an essential for us. From traveling to client calls, these are the one things we always need on hand! These have become our go-to’s because the sound quality is incredible (they were originally made for DJ’s!) They also fold down to a small little pack which is perfect for traveling, and have a built in microphone for Skype calls.