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We’re all about that #selfcare routine, as every hard-working girl boss should be! It’s all about balance after all. Shop our favorite self-care essentials below!

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  • Boy Smell Candles

    The perfect bath & essential oil set for after those long girl boss hustle days. Self-care and 100% natural which is what we’re all about. To calm the mind and promote focus.

  • Coffee Maker

    We get asked all the time what our favorite ways to make an at home cappuccino are; and this bad boy tops the list! It’s super easy to use and makes the perfect steaming cup every single time.

  • Electronic Toothbrush

    We’ve tried maaaany electric toothbrushes over the years, and this one is definitely our go-to. With a USB charger (essential for international traveling!) it’ll keep those pearly whites of yours lookin’ so fresh and so clean.

  • Emu Slippers

    For the days when we just gotta work from home, we can’t take our feet out of these slippers! They’re super comfy for working and lounging around the house, we can’t get enough of these!

  • Herbivore Botanicals Bath Salts

    If you’re version of self care includes a steaming hot bubble bath, then this is for you! We love the whole Herbivore line, but we especially love these bath salts to detoxify, and decompress after a long day of kicking some serious #girlboss booty out there. Ready, set, ahhhh….

  • Jade Roller

    We’re big fans of self care here at BB Headquarters, and this jade roller duo is the perfect way to embrace it! It’s perfect for using after a long flight to depuff and leaves your skin looking totally refreshed. Pro tip: stick it in the fridge for even better results!

  • Nespresso Milk Frother

    Want to know the secret to a fluffy cappuccino every time? It’s this, right here! We bought this milk forther and never looked back. It’s absolutely our go-to on the days that we want to work remotely from the comforts of our own home.

  • Slip Sleep Mask

    From jetsetting to self care, this sleep mask will see you through it all. The Silk sleep mask helps you catch some much needed zzzz’s so you can conquer the day ahead with ease!

  • Swell Water Bottle

    We are seriously obsessed with these water bottles to stay hydrated on the go. We literally take them everywhere: workouts, coworking spaces, coffee shops etc. They’re great too when you’re in hot climates because it keeps your water super cold. Perfect for the (hydrated) girl boss on the go!