4 Essential Steps To Start An Online Biz + Travel The World

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A free course designed to help you finally define your online business idea, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world!

MODULE 1: 3 Tricks For Finding The Online Skills That Will Get You Hired

“Just this first video alone I already learned something! I had no idea that the skills I have can be separated into categories! You inspired me to do what I really love to do…I just never knew how to go about it!” – Amanda

MODULE 2: 3 Quick & Dirty Secrets To Using Your Past Experiences

“I am so glad I started watching these! I learned so much through having my personality type and work style preferences detailed out!” – Amber

MODULE 3: The Top 6 Money Makin’ Online Skills That Clients Are Hiring For

“OHMYGOSH! This video confirmed that this online girl boss stuff is the path for me – I’m so ready to step into this new role!” – Kristen

MODULE 4: Our #1 Strategy For Learning The Top Online Skills Today!

“I learned that many of my 9-5 jobs had similar skills that are transferrable to working online! These videos have really given me the confidence to dive head first into the online world!” – Rebecca

Meet Your Mentors

Cassie and Shay are the best friend duo and founders of The Bucketlist Bombshells, a thriving online educational community that teaches aspiring girl boss millennials how to build a successful service-based online business that gives them the freedom to work online from anywhere in the world! Their interactive online courses teach everything from graphic design and website design to business tactics for freelancers.

Their passion for paving the future of remote work for thousands of millennial women and running a 6 figure business has landed them features on Forbes, CNBC International and Elite Daily. After 4 years of working online and traveling the world, they’re currently based in Bali, where you can find them working while sipping coconuts by the pool!


“I’m more inspired than I ever was.”

I’ve never thought that I actually can do this, but right now, thanks to your honest and simple approach, I realized that I may be a bit closer to finally being my own boss and seeing the world… I’m more inspired than I ever was. And finally I’ve met someone who’s believing in me, and we haven’t even met in person. Thank you girls for hope that you just gave me


“This training is exactly what you need to get started!”

At first I thought, “I don’t have any online skills!”, but after the training, I learned how to take some skills from my previous job plus all of the new skills taught inside the video series to figure out what I wanted to start selling as services for my online business! If you’ve been wanting to be your own boss for years like I have, this training is exactly what you need to get started!


get instant access to the free video course!

Join over 10,000 aspiring location independent girl bosses who are defining their online biz ideas and designing their #dreamlife!

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