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Hear how our sweet students have gone from 9-5 to successful online business owners… some while traveling around the world! Their stories of conquering the 9-5 grind, overcoming their fears and resiliently following their entrepreneurial dreams will inspire you to your core.

From Corporate Gal to Globetrotting Girl Boss: How This Twenty Something Launched Her Own Online Business from Scratch

Bucketlist Bombshell graduate Elena Gencheva owns a brand design, video editing and web design studio that now gives her the freedom to work from anywhere in the world! Want to know how she made it happen? We’re breakin’ it down in today’s Student Spotlight interview!

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How one aspiring girl boss ditched her 9 to 5 to work online & travel the world

Have you ever found yourself stuck inside cubie-land, and finding your mind completely drifting to a life that looks a heck of a lot different than the one your currently…

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How To Quit Your 9-5, Start An Online Biz & Travel The World

Check out this video interview with Hayley, who quit her 9-5 job, moved to Bali, started her online business and is absolutely CRUSHIN’ it!

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How One Millennial Girl Boss Quit Her 9-5 For Van Life

How one millennial girl boss quit her 9-5 for #VanLife to travel the country full time!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Killer Squarespace Web Design Biz

Let’s get real girl – have you ever sat in your cubie and daydreamed about starting your own web design biz so you could be your own boss? Today we’re breakin’ down how to make it happen!

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Must-watch video interview! We’re chatting with Amber of Amber Brannon Design, who quit her 9-5 job, started her own full-time graphic design studio and its now working with huge brands! Click to watch the full interview.

How to Start Your Own Irresistible Graphic Design Studio with Amber Brannon Design

Do you secretly have a love for color, patterns and a passion for all things design? Have you daydreamed about starting your own graphic design studio so you could be your own boss and work from anywhere in the world?! Well, you’re in just the right place girl! Today, we’re sitting down for a “Coffee Chat” with Nashville-based cutie, Amber Brannon of Amber Brannon Design. She’s worked on design projects for big-names like Lady Antebellum, the CMA’s & Live Nation!

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From 9-5 Community Manager to Launching Her Own Brand Strategy Studio: How This Millennial Became An Online Girl Boss & Travels the World Full-time!

Today, we’re chatting with Marlene, a past BB Tech Skills Course student and Work Online & Travel the World Course student, who quit her job, successfully started her own brand strategy and graphic design studio, The Mintminds, and is now traveling around the world full-time (she’s currently livin’ it up in Chiang Mai, Thailand)! Errrm #lifegoals

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From Corporate Financial Analyst to Launching Her Own Online Branding Studio: How This 20-Something Quit Her Corporate Job to Become A Full-Time Girl Boss (In One Month!)

Find out how this 20-something quit her corporate job to become a full-time branding & website designer becoming a full-time girl boss!

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